One Pearl Bank Near to Pearl Hill Outram MRT Station


Pearl’s Hill is set to have a new appearance in the future once the development of One Pearl Bank has been completed since its set to sit on Pearl’s Hill. What was formerly known as Pearl Bank Apartments and had little attraction has been successfully sold to Capitaland at a cost of S$728 which is expected to give it a new look. The sale was conducted on a private treaty which handed over the full control of the developments to Capitaland under a 99-year lease.

One Pearl Bank Near to Pearl Hill

One Pearl Bank will be one of the iconic developments by Capitaland in the recent past which has some of the greatest facilities that everyone can enjoy. The development will present a unique living experience within the city and its ideal for family entertainment as well as offering your loved ones some of the best moments that will remain memorable.

One Pearl Bank Location at Outram MRT Station

The location of One Pearl Bank is ideal since its easily accessible through Outram Park MRT Station which is located within the vicinity as well as the fact that it’s located within the city. For those looking to venture into real estate, this will be a great opportunity for them to own a prime piece and become part of the great development.

Capitaland in their development of One Pearl Bank is expected to retain some of the important features such as shape. This will mean One Pearl Bank is likely to resemble the former Pearl Bank Apartments once its devilment is completed. One Pearl Bank is expected to be completed by 2023 a move that will make it take control as the tallest residential in Singapore.

One Pearl Bank Redevelopment of Pearl Bank Apartments

The redevelopment of Pearl Bank Apartments has been positively received as its set to be a game changer in the real estate sector within Singapore. One Pearl Bank enjoys great connectivity both by roads and the MRT Station all which enhances the accessibility. It will also be integrated with features that are unique and modern for great life within the city such as swimming pool, function room and indoor gym among the many others.

Within the vicinity of the development stands many shopping centres that make life very convenient for the residents and visitors considering One Pearl Bank. Park’s Complex and Chinatown Point are among the many facilities that will enhance your shopping experience. Residents will enjoy great transport and other modern development as Capitaland plans to use the developments as one of the iconic development within the Central Business District.…