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Allgreen Properties is a company whose headquarters are located in Pasir Ris, Singapore. The company has been in business since the 1980s and is responsible for most of the properties all around Singapore. They have done many significant projects in Singapore of different sizes and functions. The recent tender that got them recognition was the HDB award o them of the white site in Pasir Ris. This is a business tender that had bids from significant property companies in Singapore bit got awarded to Allgreen and another property firm. Other than this project, Allgreen properties are responsible for many different projects around Singapore.

Allgreen Properties Portfolio in Residential and Office Projects

Being one of the most renowned companies in Singapore means that they have worked on several projects all around the country, and this speaks for their experience. They are so diverse that they do no limit their work to only residential property but have also worked in office spaces. They were part of the development is Tanglin Mall, Regency Park, Changi Court, and Suites at Orchard. The fact that they have completed significant projects in the country makes them stand out from the other firms as they have a diversified their world and finish it well. Allgreen is known for being a pioneer in pushing boundaries and bringing new ideas to the table when it comes to how properties are built and designed. They are also known to make the most sophisticated houses in Singapore.

International portfolio and collaborations of Allgreen Properties

Having had over three decades of experience in real estate, Allgreen has also been a part of many internationally renowned partnerships. They have taken their knowledge and expertise to countries like Vietnam and China. In China, they have been a part of various projects in Shanghai, Chengdu, and Shenyang amongst other municipalities. In Vietnam, they have been a part of the world-famous District 2, Ho Chi, Minh City and beachfront villas in Vung Tau city.

Pasir Ris Central White Site Latest Project

In collaboration with Kerry Properties, Allgreen will be in charge of the development of a white site in Pasir Ris. This will be a modern residential building that will have different homes for its residents ranging from one bedroom to four bedrooms. In the same living area, there will be a mall with three different levels that will house 480 of these apartments. This will be integrated with a bus interchange, a polyclinic, and a town plaza to ensure there is a seamless connection to public transport services and amenities for the area’s residents. With all these achievements, it is clear that Allgreen properties will be able to deliver on their promise to develop the white site. With the plans in place, HDB can be sure that the proposed program will be completed in time and be home to many of the residents in Singapore. This will be the most significant and most sophisticated building project that the Allgreen properties will have embarked on in their careers.

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