Forestwood Residences Lew Lian

The Forestwood Residence is one of the best places to live in Singapore. This residence has a 99 year lease in the area of District 19. The developer has planned these apartment buildings to be in a very busy area of Singapore. This residence has many things that will allow the people living there the chance to relax. This includes a swimming pool, tennis court, and a gym for working out both indoors and outdoors.

Forestwood Residences Lew Lian

Forestwood Residence Lew Lian has many features that make it the ideal place to live. The living complexes are near the Next Shopping Centre that has everything a person can need. Forestwood is divided into 500 different living quarters and is also close to the Serangoon MRT Interchanges which allows for easy transportation. Both are just a walk away. These housing units are also near the Kovan Heartland Mall which is another great shopping center. There are many great schools in the area as well. There are private schools that offer a great education for the children as well as all girls religious schools.

Forestwood Serangoon Condo

For those that are interested in cars the Forestwood Residence is near the Upper Serangood road . This is located right next to the free way and there are a number of cars shows that come and go.

Forestwood Residences Nex Shopping Centre

The Forestwood Residence have many units for rent and there is plenty of room for all people. There is so much to see and so much to do around. The developers are putting plenty of money into making these residences look great and provide a number of accommodations to the residence. These residences have a great location near shopping centers and transportation to get to place or work and leisure. Forestwood is a great place to live and is one of the prime locations in Singapore.

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