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The state of Singapore is currently doing a massive project to renovate it’s West Region. Their focus is on building more quality housing, increasing the amount of infrastructure such as roads and train lines, creating new opportunities for businesses and industries, adding more green spaces, and generating more local interest in their heritage and culture. These improvements will no doubt make the West Region of Singapore the most attractive area for locals and foreigners alike. These additions and improvements are numerous and perhaps the most intensive the city of Singapore has undergone in recent years. A new Mix Development Le Quest Condo is being built by Qingjian Realty.

Singapore plans to build more public and private housing options in the West Region, which is already home to over a million people. Both built to order developments in cities like Choa Chu Kang and Bukit Batok and design, build, and sell scheme domiciles in Clementi and Jurong West are expected to be created by the government. This new housing aims to fulfill the needs of the West Regions diverse residents. These homes are planned to be incredibly beautiful and efficient.

Le Quest Condo Located in the Western Region of Singapore

This new housing will also be paired with incredible amenities to create a high quality living environment for residents in the West Region. Existing amenities will be upgraded and will continue to be upgraded, and new services and facilities will be created along with housing developments. These amenities include community clubs, and lifestyle programs and activities. As well, new health and medical care facilities are planned to be built to help serve the growing needs of the population. Le Quest Condo is a mix development located in the western region of Singapore and is located next to Jurong East

Singapore also plans to upgrade existing public transit and roads as well as add new ones. More lines connecting the city center to other parts of Singapore such as Choa Chu Kang, Bukit, Panjang, Hillview, and Dairy Farm. This will ensure much quicker commutes to downtown and all the restaurants, shops, and other amenities it has to offer. Further, new lines are also being constructed. The Jurong Region Line (or the JRL for short) will connect Jurong West, Jurong Industrial Estate, West Coast, Choa Chu Kang, Tengah, Boon Lay, and Jurong Gateway. Other lines such as the Cross Island Line (CRL) are expected to be built in the long term. As well, an extension of the East-West Line is being built that will connect to Taus.

Mix Development Mix Use Le Quest Condo with Coffeeshop and Supermarket

Finally, to encourage residents to use bicycles for more of their transportation needs, Singapore plans to build extensive biking paths in the Jurong Lake District.The West Region is home to many businesses and industries, and Singapore plans to expand the area of 360 hectares of land in the Jurong Lake District. This expansion will include office space, retail space, homes, and hotels when completely developed. This development aims to be a connected and sustainable part of the city. There is a mix development Le Quest condo which has a coffeeshop as well as a supermarket located next to Choa Chu Kang and Bukit Batok MRT Station.

To cater to the needs of the future, more land is planned to be set aside for the continued growth of the industrial sector. As well, many other options are being considered to account for limited land and space. Singapore plans to develop floating and underground structured in order to store oil products and petrochemicals. These spaces will also serve a variety of other purposes.
The West Region is most well known for it’s industrial spaces, however it also has an impressive amount of parks. With this coming development, Singapore plans to increase the number of parks, enhance the amenities offered at these parks, and make these parks easier for its residents to access.

Le Quest Singapore Bukit Batok West Ave 6 Qingjian Realty

Singapore plans to add 220 hectares of new parks in the coming years. As well, park connectors will be built between parks for use by joggers, bicyclists, and general residents of the West Region. These park connectors will also provide a convenient way to travel from area to area. Singapore plans to preserve their heritage and culture by keeping reminders of their past. This includes the Jurong Town Hall, the dragon kilns at Jalan Bahar and the former Ford Factory. Brand new and improved facilities in Jurong East, Jurong West, and Bukit Batok will sure to bring a unique personality to these neighbourhoods.

The development and expansion of housing, industry, cultural sites, and natural parks in the West Region is planned to proceed over the next few years. The natural beauty and the industrial productivity of the West Region is like no other, and with these improvements the West Region will become one of the most attractive and convenient regions of Singapore.

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