Paya Lebar Quarter Paya Lebar MRT Station

International property developer Lead Lease is currently in the process of building the Paya Lebar Quarters in Singapore. The plans are different from the majority of executive condo sites that have been finished, are being built, or are still in the planning stages. For Paya Lebar Quarters is a project that provide a mix of commercial and also residential property, the latter in the guise of executive condos.

Paya Lebar Quarters Lend Lease

With their businesses within the completed complex people that work there could also buy a condo and literally walk from home to work in a few moments. That could save the rush hour commute for hundreds of workers. While the complex is under construction Lend Lease may be sorely tempted to provide details of the companies that will be there to tempt the workers to buy a condo there.

Paya Lebar Quarter Lendlease

The managers at Lendlease are certain that the S$ 3.5 billion they have budgeted to spend completing the Paya Lebar Quarters will be recuperated quickly and lead to a tidy sum of profit. It is a project similar to ones they have already finished outside of Singapore. The key to success will be finishing the construction by 2018 as originally planned. This is the part where their global experience in developing the best commercial and residential projects will come to the fore.

Paya Lebar Quarters MRT Interchange

Over 400 executive condos will be built and spread across three high rise tower blocks. Aside from condos each of the towers will have commercial or retail units as well. The exact prices have yet to be fixed, yet will depend on how many bedrooms are needed. No doubt the prices will be competitive, as Lendlease will want to sell condos quickly.

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